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get relaxed and lose the pressure

In doing the therapy you should be relaxed as relaxed as possible, if the condition is already happening to you, then you can already start listening to Brainwave Brainwave Therapy. But, if you are still not in a relaxed state, you need 5 to 15 minutes to perform the following stages:

Eliminate Your Pressure

Tension is your worst enemy. No technology can change your Brainwaves when you are tense. Your body should be completely relaxed so that your mind is free to wander where it likes. This is commonly called "scanning". We know to detect viruses on computer or HP, we can do scanning with anti virus, so computer or Hp free from virus. If the computer or HP is free from viruses then the existing programs run properly. Likewise, for the therapy we do get the results as you expect before doing the therapy do scanning on yourself.

To do this, breathe slowly, so breathing one to the next without any pressure. Focus your mind to different parts of your body, such as from the head to your thumb. Focus on each section for 5 - 15 seconds, making sure it is completely relaxed before moving on to the next section. For example you can start with the top of your head, then the forehead, then the eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw, neck, and so on. The free body position, while standing, sitting or other.

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To focus the mind on the limbs is not something that seems real. This action is meaningless by using the help of the eyes to look at the limbs. Ok, I give you an example when your mind focuses on a particular limb: when your left hand is scratched by a knife instead of a right hand finger .. If the right hand finger knife means the person is left-handed, you feel pain and sore though your eyes do not look at your injured finger. You feel sore and sore because your mind is focused on your left hand finger. Once you take your mind off the limbs or anything else, the pain and soreness disappear. That's how you do the scanning on every limb, divert all your attention and mind on the part is enough 5-15 seconds, make sure really relax before moving to the next section.