World Map Updated together with Kebos Lowlands & OSRS Readwood Tree

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World Map Updated together with Kebos Lowlands & OSRS Readwood Tree

There are merely less than 2 days far from the release of Kebos Lowlands. Lately, the official team provides posted a new version in the OSRS World Map, where the general geography of the approaching Kebos Lowlands is proven. Additionally , the team has also reported small adjustments on Redwood Tree, Slayer helmet, and so on.(how to get gold in runescape)

The new OSRS World Guide

The newly updated Planet Map can has been introduced on the medias. From the " new world " Map, we can clearly look at Kobos Lowlands (within often the yellow blank) on the Southeast corner of the World Map. For the lands of Kobos Lowlands, we can see the Farming Guild, where you can plant semi-boss Hespori and other plants, on the N .. To the south west of the Grinding Guild, you can see the island, your location gonna experience Aerial Reef fishing with Nicolas Louchart, in the the Molch Lack. You may as well see Forsaken tower, Bracket Karuulm and other places.
What is New OSRS world place and have a look at the step of your future adventures.

Often the adjustments in Redwood Forest, Slayer helmet and others

Inside the upcoming Kebos Lowlands, you will see small adjustments in three contents. First, as a possible Elite Diary reward, you will enjoy the protection from the lose effect in the Hydra trap without special boots. Next, as an important plant regarding at the Farming Guild, Redwood tree growth time will likely be increased from 85 a long time to 106, which may create for you more experience. Third, often the the Shayzien helm outcome will not be combined with the Slayer motorcycle upon request, but will possibly be added to it.

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