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When it Stops Being Fun - Quit

When faced with a situation where  Subliminal360 Review nothing seems to be going your way, you have to step back, become emotionally detached and evaluate what's going on in your life so you can see those things that are or are not happening that you think should or should not be happening. You need to fully understand that certain areas in your life are on hold, stuck or you've hit that "brick wall" without even realizing that is what you are facing and maybe, have been facing for quite some time.

In Feng Shui this is what is called blocked energy. Something is standing in your way of achieving or receiving those things you are striving to accomplish or receive. That something could be physical such as clutter in your surroundings or mental such as your thought process or the way you are mentally relating to what is stuck. Perhaps you have wanted to change your career path for the last two years but just nothing seems to be coming your way. Or, maybe you've wanted to increase your cash flow or have better personal relationships and no matter what you try, nothing changes or improves.

Realizing you are stuck, or have just hit a brick wall is the first step in changing the blocked energy you are facing. Once you've determined what is stuck it is easier to take action so you can move forward again. The following steps will help you clear out much of that blocked or stuck energy so you can experience far less stress and move forward again.