Tinnitus Remedy - How to Stop Ringing in Ears

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Tinnitus Remedy - How to Stop Ringing in Ears

Hearing aids look like hearing aids because they   Sonus Complete Review   ARE hearing aids. Unfortunately, despite some very novel designs - some have even won design awards - they still don't have the cachet of "designer" glasses. I know. One venue I visit - an optical outlet - was ram-raided and the thieves took all the designer sunglasses but completely ignored the digital hearing aids on view, which were actually worth a lot more than the specs.

In fact, many hearing aids today DON'T look like hearing aids [at least not the traditional NHS behind the ear type] but still don't make people want to whip them out of their ear and say "Take a butchers'* at that!" Yet they are technologically far more advanced than many consumer items (generally considered prized possessions to be paraded) and frequently more costly. As in "we don't like flesh colour"? Well, I say flesh colour but if you encountered anyone looking the same colour you'd either flee screaming or summon an emergency paramedic from the tropical disease hospitals.

And that is also making a mighty big presumption that everyone in the world has identical flesh colour, which the last time I looked.... Mind, there are still some who manufacture hearing aids who aren't too sure of what flesh colour does mean. A few years ago I was trying to find a custom-fit tiny aid for a lady who had quite a big loss in quite a small ear - she also had very dark skin.