The tricks from Nadina to help you lose the weight

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The tricks from Nadina to help you lose the weight

Nadina Knight is shocked to see photos on Facebook showing how fat she is. From there, this finalist Miss England 2012 intends to change and managed to reduce the size of her dress from 12 to 8.

Nadina (24 years old) once weighed up to 101.6 kg due to her unhealthy eating pattern, which is often the consumption of fast food and also alcohol.

But the photos of his 20th birthday that his mother uploaded to Facebook as a whip for him. These photos make him realize how fat his body is and make the mother start to worry.

This is because her mother is known to have diabetes, so she expressed concern and worried about the weight her son may have could be a risk factor.

Nadina herself has a slender body until she is about 16 years old. But when he had lost control of his diet, weight was beginning to increase. While at university his diet is getting more uncontrolled, he eats more than usual which puts Nadina at a weight of over 100 kg.

Since then he started looking for tips on healthy living on the internet, Nadina wants to lose weight in a healthy and long-term way. He started with small things like drinking nonfat milk, whole wheat bread and stopping the habit of drinking soda and alcohol. This change is also followed by regular exercise to the gym as much as 3 times a week.

Here are some changes that he did in helping to lose weight, namely:

1. Replace white food with chocolate
Nadina began the consumption of wheat bread, brown paste and also brown rice. This change gives a considerable difference like faster satiety and more energy.

2. Do not skip meals
Having a regular eating schedule as much as 3 times a day can prevent and resist the desire snacking that is not necessary.

3. Calculating drinks intake
Drinks consumed are as important as food. Reduce or stop soft drinks and replace them with plenty of water, herbal teas and fruit juices without sugar.

4. Have fun
Diet does not mean you can not have a fun social life, because there are still healthy eating options when hanging out with friends. Choose salad, chicken breast and avoid alcohol.

5. Stay active
Active lifestyle can help shape beautiful body. If you are busy and can not go to the gym, try doing sports at home, there are many things that can be done and the effect is quite significant.

6. Exercise for the stomach for 10 minutes
Nadina tries to do this every day, she does different sports every 2 minutes of 10 minutes of practice. He does bikes, sit ups for the upper abdomen and leg exercises.

7. Maintain muscle hamstrings, thighs and buttocks
At the crawling position, lift one foot to a 90 degree angle with 1x8 set in turn. Then do the sumo squat by squatting normally, position the hands in front and the legs point out slightly.

8. Run
Nadina usually runs around her house for easier, and even running for 10 minutes can make her feel fresh and more motivated to burn fat.

The struggle was not done in vain, Nadina managed to reduce the size of the clothes from 12 to 8. In fact he managed to win the Mauritius Publicity Queen and became a finalist of Miss England 2012.

After successfully losing weight, Nadina felt more confident than ever before. He is happy and most importantly has a healthy body as his ultimate goal.

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