The new Star Wars Battlefront multiplayer mode

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The new Star Wars Battlefront multiplayer mode

Having previously Electronic Arts and EA DICE confirms the new mode Fighter Squadron, a 20 player multiplayer mode, where players engage in exciting aerial battles, last weekend they confirmed the other modes. Referred to as the Supremacy, multiplayer Star Wars Battlefront is centered on five control points scattered on the map. Object of the game is to control five of the control point, or simply be the most control compared to the opposite camp.

You only get 10 minutes during play Supremacy, and during that time, you are trying to master the control points scattered on the map. Each team starts the game with two points they control. And after the first battle for its control points, control points are then needs to be claimed in any particular order, so both teams will be involved in the battle to fight over the two control points simultaneously. That's why you need the management and coordination of a good team that can successfully compete for the same two points.

Supremacy own using the greatest map-owned Star Wars Battlefront. According to DICE, this mode is similar to the typical mode of their Battlefield series, the Conquest. According to the designer level DICE, Dennis Brännvall, Supremacy is a game mode that will be welcomed by their fans of Battlefield Conquest mode. Parties of DICE has also made adjustments to correct the previous formulas they apply through Conquest. As now you will be resurfaced near the site of action is going on in this Supremacy, so you will not feel isolated because of re-entry at a location away from the location of the current war.

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