The benefits of protein for body recovery

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The benefits of protein for body recovery

Muscle protein synthesis is a process where the amino acids are used to repair and form (synthesis) of new protein for muscle growth. Has long proven and commonly understood that there is an increased sensitivity towards the synthesis of the protein intake for 24 hours after weight training.

However, this brings the question as follows. Whether the distribution of protein intake during this period had an impact on your goal to maximize muscle protein synthesis and stimulates an increase in muscle mass (hypertrophy)?
Results of Research

As usual, I will let the results of research to answer the question above.

A study in 2013, by Areta and his research team, recruited 24 men trained (was able to train load) and divided into 3 groups. All groups underwent the same weight training sessions, followed by the consumption of 80 grams of whey protein for 12 hours. However, these three groups to consume 80 grams of protein with the distribution pattern different, is as follows:

    Group 1: 10 grams of protein every 1.5 hours (total of 8 times the consumption of protein)
    Group 2: 20 grams of protein every 3 hours (a total of 4 times the consumption of protein)
    Group 3: 40 grams of protein every 6 hours (total of 2 times the consumption of protein)

Here are the results of these studies:

The consumption of 20 grams of whey protein every 3 hours showed better results in terms of stimulating muscle protein synthesis than 10 grams per 1.5 hours and 40 g every 6 hours

However, it remains the third distribution pattern increases the speed of muscle protein synthesis in top condition / normal speed for 12 hour recovery period

Muscle protein synthesis can be manipulated with the schedule and the distribution of consumption of 80 grams of protein throughout the day

Distribution of protein intake throughout the day, as well as the total amount of protein consumption, has an influence on muscle protein synthesis

Someone who hendal maximize muscle protein synthesis and muscle growth (hypertrophy) should consume sufficient amounts of protein (20-25 grams) at regular intervals throughout the day (approximately every 3 hours)

It is important to remember that the total amount enough protein and calories out of balance and a positive entry (entry> exit) is absolutely necessary when the optimum growth of muscle mass is your goal. Schedule protein consumption becomes less influence if the protein needs of the day as a whole is not met.

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