Te exercise and more ways to burn the fat

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Te exercise and more ways to burn the fat

While applying a healthy menu above, you should keep up with doing sports as a natural slim way in 1 week.

1. Cardio exercise

There are many types of sports you can do like cardio exercise. Cardio exercise can increase your heart rate so it can eliminate calories in a matter of pounds.

As for the types of sports you can do like running, swimming or cycling. You should do this exercise every day of the week. This sport is good you do about 40-60 minutes every day.

2. Interval training

How to slim naturally in the other 1 week is to do interval training is a practice that is done alternately between sports that are usually done with a new sport heavier. This can help burn your fat faster.

3. Push up and lunge

Do also push up and lunge. Lunge is a movement to tighten the thighs or hamstring muscles.

By doing this exercise then you will look slimmer at the end of the week. Do more push-ups than usual for 40-60 minutes. It aims to reduce fat accumulation in your arms.

4. Climb down the stairs

Take advantage of stairs. For those of you who are lazy to walk and have more elevators then switch by using stairs. Every time at home or in the office multiply activities up and down the stairs.

How To Slim Natural In A Week With Good Habits

After knowing the healthy food menu for one week and types of sports that can be done.

Here are some additional tips in the form of habits as a natural way of slimming in 1 week, including:

1. Drinking water

The first tip as a natural slim way in 1 week is to increase the consumption of water.

Maybe you think you are hungry, but actually you are just thirsty. Therefore drink enough water at least 8 glasses a day.

2. Get enough rest

Second enough sleep every night for the next day do not feel sleepy.

Because people who sleep less will lower leptin levels so you have the desire to eat more.

3. Do not eat before bed

The third tip how to slim naturally within 1 week is to avoid eating at least 3 hours before bedtime.

This is because if you eat before going to bed then burning calories can not run properly which actually turned into a pile of fat.

4. Avoid snacking

You should eliminate the habit of snacking, if you have eaten and feel full then stop eating anything including snacks.

5. Changing the diet, not stop eating

Often people who go on a diet to do extreme diet to stop consuming foods that would result in the person getting sick because of lack of nutrients.

6. Do not push yourself

Sixth tips that made natural lean way in 1 week is not push yourself. When you exercise and only strong until 30 minutes then do not force yourself to exercise more than that because it will only hurt yourself.

That's some natural lean ways in a week that you can do without making your health decline. Do a natural slimming way in 1 week using a healthy way, not a way that tortures your body.

With all the above explanations you can get a slim body in just one week according to your wishes.

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