Seems like Halloween is coming to Rainbow Six Siege Credits

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Seems like Halloween is coming to Rainbow Six Siege Credits

"The group murdering punishment for a first offense will be corrected from a kick to a 30 minute ban," Ubisoft's patch notes said with a full breakdown of their new teamkilling penalties seen here. "Initially, if a player was group killed in Casual, the offender was kicked in the game. The situation in Ranked would lead to a kick as well, but also triggered an exit penalty. This was perplexing because it seemed like the team killing punishment was different between Ranked vs Casual."

Seems like Halloween is coming to Rainbow Six Siege Credits in a big way. There emerged teasing a variant of the House map redecorated for Halloween briefly A playlist on the menu after the most recent patch. Then it vanished like a ghost -- or like a Ubisoft engineer realizing a new holiday feature had been shown too early.

The playlist seems to be all House, all the time, in normal multiplayer that is casual. The distinction is that House is decked out by halloween decorations, together with spooky jack-o'-lanterns. It is tough to tell just how much the map will be altered given that we are taking a look at a single teaser here, but you can at least expect some redecoration.

This image -- captured on buy R6 Credits Reddit by chuck0620 -- additionally reveals a couple of new skins. It is not the first time we've gotten Halloween skins in Siege, although combined with a brand new unique playlist it all suggests we will have a much more substantial holiday occasion this time around.