Record-breaking year for Jagex with revenues of £92. 8m

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Record-breaking year for Jagex with revenues of £92. 8m

Launch of Old-school RuneScape on mobile runs fourth consecutive year regarding growth

Jagex has distributed its results for the 2018 fiscal year, reporting increased revenues than at any point inside the company's history.

The RuneScape developer generated £92. 7 million in the 12 months concluded December 31, 2018, any year-on-year rise of on the lookout for. 3%. It also grew income before tax by a few. 8%, now at £46. 8 million.

In a assertion, Jagex CEO Phil Mansell said this was the "fourth successive year of considerable growth" for the company.

A part of this success was motivated by the launch of Old-school RuneScape on mobile this past year, which has been installed more than several million times across iOS and Android.

The RuneScape franchise overall also appreciated its highest ever overall for paid memberships inside 2018.

Behind the scenes, the company introduced its Jagex Partners submitting initiative, grew its headcount by more than 100 folks and increased its purchase in R&D by 69%.

Mansell said: "We have got strengthened our leadership crew and will continue to build on you’re able to send talent base, we are money new game development, developing out our third-party stay game publishing, investing in huge publishing platform upgrades, although continuing to expand the live RuneScape games.

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