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If this works out how I think it will, you can just reply to this with all of the memes, sayings, and cliches of Scott, RSPWFAQ, and frequent posters.  I'll start us off here for the uninitiated.

"Let it play out"
"Let's see where it goes first"

Meaning: These are the cries of the optimists on the blog of wrestling's most well known pessimist. When a questionable or illogical booking decision incites anger or frustration in fans, this phrase is used to beg patience from wrestling fans and to note that a more positive storyline or angle's twist may be on the horizon.

Origins: Sometime around HHH's win over CM Punk in the Fall of 2011. Punk, riding a wave of momentum not seen since Steve Austin, was slowly made to look submissive and ordinary over the next few months after his championship win at Money in the Bank. People continued to implore, "Let it play out," as the angle became more and more convoluted, involving Nash, a Del Rio victory, a HHH victory, and the flushing down of hope.  This meme would make a comeback a good six months later after Cena inexplicably won against Lesnar, essentially killing an epic story in its first chapter.  

Two years of pain later, Lesnar notched his first groundbreaking win against the Undertaker.  See?  We should have let it play out.  The meme has since been used for banner fodder at the top of this page.


Meaning:  This Guy Gets It.  This is often used as a response in the comments section.  It's normally used as a nod of approval after an insightful and sarcasm laden comment.

Origins: Unless otherwise noted, it was popularized by former Top 5 Commenter The Fuj.


Meaning:  Am I right?  This normally caps off a post by a commenter that is blatantly chauvinistic or about a blog's regular punching bag.  It is posted with irony.

Origins: While it has floated around other media, it was popularized here by Top 5 Commenter Parallax1978.


Meaning: Fixed It For Ya/You. This is normally a copy-and-pasted response with a few words changed for comedic effect.

Origins:  Unsure/unknown.  If someone knows the inventor of this, then reply to this...preferably with a FIFY.