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One of the first challenges new players face is getting around the map.

One way we could tackle this could be to introduce a new transport system that's accessible only for the first few hours of the RuneScape journey. It could connect major towns and cities in the F2P area, and could work similarly to the magic carpet system (by similarly we mean that you see the route that your player is taking). A big benefit of this is that players will get to see and learn the routes they will be taking unaided in the future, allowing them to better prepare when the time comes.

Additionally, in a recent livestreams we spoke about the possibility of making Agility available to F2P players. The response to the idea was very positive, and we’d like to explore this in more detail. A low-level Agility training course in F2P could be added to the game, which would allow F2P players to gain the benefit of faster-replenishing run energy and access to new and existing Agility shortcuts.

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