Path of Exile: All Cyclone Builds Play Out Similarly

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Path of Exile: All Cyclone Builds Play Out Similarly

Which is the best cyclone build to farm easily up to T15 maps? Have like 20 ex budget. You don't know which one to pick, because people favor starforge, some thers nghahamous or what its called. Some people favor chieftain, others slayer. However, please learn the details first with poe currency buy here.

If you really don't know which one to pick, you can watch a few videos on the cyclone builds clearing t15 maps and pick the one that looks the most interesting. Anything slayer cyclone is always a safe pick. Slayers leech mechanics are some of the strongest defensive mechanics in the entire game right now (2nd best after zerphi's flask imo). It goes very well together with the melee/facetank playstyle that cyclone requires.

But besides ascendancy choice, all cyclone builds play out similarly. Ngahamahus plays out slightly differently because of the ball spam but it's still more of the same stuff. It's all the same. All roughly similar dps numbers, clearspeed, survivability. The ascendancy you pick influences this more than your weapon of choice tbh. But obviously the best cyclone build is cospris discharge assassin. Way more fun than a standard cycloner.

Disfavour is basically the same DPS as a Starforge with the 30% corruption and lets you fully abuse the Harness the Void + Atziri's Promise double dipping chaos shenanigans. Cyclone hits very fast so gets the buff consistently, plus gets free mana cost. You could also swap Disfavour for a nice exquisite blade and do a crit version (more fitting for a Shadow build). Ascendant Elementalist+Slayer/whatever would also be good for reflect immunity and access to Elemental Overload. Beside that noted before, including also base skills and other skills, for more Path of Exile news, you can stop by