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NWA-Classic Rules

These go into effect as of 1/19/2011 at midnight EST.

Thanks to everyone who helped me get these together.


These are to act as genral guidelines and a FAQ to all bookers and prospective bookers to NWA Classics

Basic Posting Rules

1) Feedback,  positive or negative, is strongly encouraged and welcomed.  All feedback should be in the spirit of constructive criticism and at the content of the show, not at the poster.

2) Violence towards women by men, whether in angles, matches or otherwise is strictly forbidden, NO EXCPECTIONS.

3) Profanity is not allowed.

4) Moderators do reserve the right to edit and or delete content or posts not covered in these guidelines.

NWAC Advisory Board Responsablities

The NWAC advisory board consits of the NWAC President and advisory board members.  The board can consist of up to four active bookers whose duites include but are not limited to:
-Appointing bookers to territories
-Setting roster limits
-recording trades, transactions and roster changes
-conduct drafts
-set promotional guidelines and events
-record championship title changes votes and set World Champion and traveling superstar itenaries
-monitor and moderate show content
-set NWAC policy

Basic Booking Guidelines

1) Bookers are asked to post one show per week in real time from thirty years ago.  Bookers in good standing but not current will be given reasonable time to catch up.  This will be set up on a warning system. if you are four weeks behind you will receive an email from a member of the advisory board asking for a catch up.  If you are six weeks behind you will recieve an email from the president of the advisory board asking for a catch up.   If a card is not posted within two weeks from the email from the president of the advisory board and the organization will be declared vacant.  If any booker has a problem and needs to take a leave of abscence we can hold said promotion for three months before it will be declared vacant. All that the booker needs to do is email the president of the advisory board and ask for said leave.

2) Bookers may only promote in the territiory in which they are assigned whch is noted on the top of their roster page.  All questions about territorial boundries will be decided by the advisory board. Bookers can book in the neighboring territories if they are participating in a war card with another organization.


1) Rosters will be made up a minimum of 24 and a maximum of 32 active wrestlers and 3 managers. When adding to a roster the booker must release the appropiate number of wrestlers into free agency to stay within roster limits. Each organization receives 16 transactions per quarter. Any trade or free agency pickup that uses a transaction off of the transaction counter will require the  person picked up must stay on the roster they went to for fourteen days.

2) Each promotion needs to have television announcers, ring announcers and referees.  Repesentives from the sactioning body they are repesenting , commisoners, owners, and vice presidents are allowed as well but not neccesary.  These may be retired wrestlers or people that are not listed on the roster as active wrestlers.  You may pick up a wrestler that is a free agent and put them in any of these roles and it will not cost you a transaction.  If you move a wrestler that is on your roster to one of these other postions it will cost you a transaction off of your transaction counter.

3) You may borrow any wrestler, manager or support person as long as you are in the same sanctoning body and they are not booked twice in the same day.

4) The advisory board will examine all trades that take place between an organization that has been declared vacant on a case by case basis.

5) Wrestlers shall be eligble to be used either in a wrestling role or in a support role until their date of death in the real world.  Any wrestler or support personell found to be deceased and being used as active will be removed by the advisory board immeadetly.  

World Champions and Traveling Superstars

1) All promotions must recognize the world champions of the sactioning body that they are repesenting.  The World Champions of the NWA or the AWA are undisputed and no organization is to imply a claim to a world title, imply a world title or a challenge to a world title will be permitted.

2) The advisory board sets world title recongintion for both the NWA and the AWA. The NWA and AWA World Heavyweight Champion are not a part of any organization and when they lose the title they go to the organization from which the new World Heavyweight Champion was chosen. The NWA and AWA World Tag Team Champions and World Light Heavyweight Champion, and the AWA World Six Man tag team Champions are put on the regular rosters of organizations.  The organizations that has the Light Heavyweight Champions may care one extra wrestler on their 32 man roster and the organizations that the the World Tag Team Champions may carry two extra wrestlers on their roster due to not having these wrestlers full time.  

3) The World Champions of each sanctioning body and their traveling superstarts may only travel to each organization 4 times each month.  The organization that has the World Tag Team and the World Light Heavyweight Champion may book them on their own shows when they are not booked, but if they want the champion(s) for a specified date they must reserve  them.

4) NWAC encourages trading between organizations and across sanctioning bodies except for the World Tag Team Champions, World Six Man Tag Team Champions and the World Light Heavyweight Champions. They may only be traded when they are current title holders in the sanctoning body in which they are the champion.

5) Any traveling superstar will not be eligable for any AWA or NWA World title.
AWA and NWA World Title Changes, Elections of a new President of Sanctioning Body and the Womens World and Midget World Title Changes

1) To nominate someone for any AWA or NWA World Title, presidency of a sanctioning body, Women's World Title, or the Midgets World Title you must write up a propsal and send it to the head of the Championship Comittee whose email is at the top of the Roster and Transactions page with the sanctoning body you are promoting for.  For the Womens title and the Midgets title, you must email the a member of the board, who will forward the email along to the other members.  

2) NWAC requires at least 45 days notice for the title change so the vote can take place.  Any proposal needs to include the place, date and a short explanation of why you are nomianting the wrestler for the title change or presidency (title history in NWAC, real life history with the title).  World Heavyweight Titles change hands with a greater than 75% postive vote, the president of the NWA and the AWA will change with a vote of greater than 60% and the World Tag Team Titles and the World Light Heavyweight Title change with a 50% postive vote. The Womens and Midget Titles are only voted on by the members of the board and can only change hands on a unanimous vote of the board.

3) The head of the championship comittee will email the sanctoning body with the results after they hear from everyone.

4) If a promotion closes while they have the World Tag Team Titles or the World Light Heavyweight Title the champ(s) will be sent to another promotion within the sanctioning body of which they are wrestling by the head of the advisory board.

Draft procedures
1)Within a month of the end of the most recent draft the head of the Advisory Board will set a date for the next draft.

2) Drafts will be held every three months unless demmed otherwise by a majority of the Advisory Board of NWA Classics.

3)Drafts are scheduled for January, April, July and October. The Draft in January will be the 'Rookie Draft' in which wrestlers that debuted in the calander year that NWA Classics is going into will be drafted by the organizations particpating. The head of the Advisory Board will appoint a member of the advisory board and other members of NWA Classics to get a rookie list together that will be approved by the Advisory Board of NWA Classics.

4) All drafts will be two rounds long except for the rookie draft which will be three rounds long.

5) The head of the Advisory Board will select someone from the Advisory Board who will be the draft commisoner, here to referred to as the commish. The commish will run the draft under the supervision of the head of the Advisory Board, whom the commish will consult with if any questions are brought up.

6) The ruling of the head of the advisory board is final on any questions about the draft.

7) Around 4 weeks before the next draft, the commish goes to Random.org and puts a list of the active organizations into the list randomizer. An active organization will be defined as someone who is the recongized booker in NWA Classics and someone who has posted at least one card per month since the last draft. Also any organization participating in the draft will have posted a card within a three week window of the draft date.

8) The commish will then take the number of organizantions that are active and divide it by 1000 to see how many numbers in the draft lottery that each organization will recieve. The comish will then assign numbers to the organizations as they were listed on random.org. Any remaining numbers will be randomily assigned by a random operations as they are listed in the first list of random organization of lists.

9) The Commish will choose a pick 3 lottery of the state of his choosing when assaining draft numbers.

10) If the number picked the assigned day is between 000-499 the draft list goes from top to bottom, if the number is 500-999 from the number picked to the top of the list and back to the bottom.

11) No organization will have more than 5 picks in a two round draft, no more than 6 in a three round draft.

12) The Commish will post this on the board and then send a e-mail out to all bookers that it is time to send a list of wrestlers that will be available to be drafted.

13) The Bookers of the active promotions will protect 16 wrestlers/managers that are on their active roster which would leave a maximum of 16 to 19 wrestlers and 0-3 mangagers unprotected per organizations.

14) Each wrestler that is protected will count as a spot. If a booker wants to protect a tag team then they must protect both wrestlers using two spots.

15) Each organization can only lose three wrestlers per draft on every draft but the rookie draft in which they can lose four.

16) A tag team can be selected as one pick in the draft if they are in the same organization. This will count as two wrestlers lost in the draft for the organization selected from.

17) Any organization that competes in a war card will receive a compensatory pick at the end of the second round of the draft.

18) That organization can not trade the compenstory pick that they recieved in the war card.

19) In the previous round the organization that had the higher pick between the two organizatons that particapted in the war card will receive the lower pick.

20) The two organizations that held the war cards first will recieve the first picks then the next organizations will receive the next picks.

21) There are no limits on the amount of war cards per draft period per organization but the organization particpating will only receive one pick

22) Any organization that has a war card set up and the organization he is going against is declared vacant will still receive the compensatory pick.

23) The home organizations of the World Tag Team Champions, World Six Man Tag Team Champions and the World Light Heavyweight Champion do not have to use a spot to protect the champions as they can not be drafted in any draft.  
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