NWA Central States 7/11/84 - 7/15/84

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NWA Central States 7/11/84 - 7/15/84

Central States Wrestling
Memorial Hall
Kansas City, MO
July 11, 1984 – taped
NWA Representative: Larry Matysik
Announcers: Kevin Wahl and Terry Garvin

Kevin Wahl and TG open the show with clips from the previous shows showing Thomas Ivey defeating Akio Sato to become the new TV Champion plus Ernie Ladd defeating Harley Race for the MO title and the team of Johnny Tatum and Frankie Lancaster defeating DTB and Kevin Kelly to become the new tag-team champions.

Tatum and Lancaster along with their stablemate the Flyweight Champion Jimmy Del Ray and their manager the legendary Billy Spears are out to gloat about winning the titles and say that nobody will be able to take the titles from them. KW mentions the teams of Buzz Tyler and Tim Horner and DTB and Ricky Johnson only to have the champs laugh them off.

1st Match of the Evening
Lars Anderson returns to top form with a solid victory over Steve Pardi. Anderson’s age may be catching up to him, but he is still an exceptional grappler.

Kevin Wahl interviews DTB who introduces his new tag-team partner in Ricky Johnson.

2nd Match of the Evening
DTB and Ricky Johnson are victors over the rugged and dangerous team of M.E.B and Red Scorpion. The King of Wrestling, Ricky Johnson, pins Scorpion following a sunset flip, while DTB and M.E.B battle on the floor.
The Union of Ernie Ladd, Nelson Royal, Lars Anderson, Thomas Ivey and the newest members of the organization the Oates Bros. are out to talk about how they plan to dominate Central States Wrestling. KW is shocked with the announcement of the Oates joining the group, but the “Golden Boy” Ted Oates claimed that he and his brother the “Georgia Greyhound” have been overlooked by the fans and it is about time that they received the recognition that they deserve.

3rd Match of the Evening
The Big Cat Ernie Ladd first pounced on and then squashed Brad Batten. Akio Sato came to the ringside to cheer Batten on but this only seemed to enrage Ladd.

Akio Sato says that Thomas Ivey didn’t beat him for the TV title all by himself. Ivey had help from Ladd and because of that Sato wants Ladd.

Thomas Ivey retains the title against the Avalanche attack of Buzz Tyler when Lars Anderson who was serving as Ivey’s second becomes involved in the match. This earns Ivey a DQ but he remains the champion.

Great Wojo, Chief Tapu and Rufus R. “Freight Train” Jones vs the Oates Bros. and Nelson Royal
The remaining TV time ran out quickly leaving the Memorial Hall Auditorium crowd to witness a top notch bout that saw Ted Oates pin the Great Wojo while placing his feet on the ropes for extra leverage.

July 13, 1984

1. Jimmy Del Ray pinned Ben Basarrab
2. New Generation (Johnny Wilhoit and Mark (formerly Bart) Batten beat the Russians (Markoff and Scorpion) with Chris Markoff – Wilhoit pinned Red Scorpion.
3. Ricky Johnson defeated Bill Francis with Ernie Ladd
4. GRUDGE MATCH  - Buzz Tyler and Tim Horner defeated Oates Bros. by DQ due to Nelson Royal
5. CENTRAL STATES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH – Great Wojo retained by defeating Frankie Lancaster

July 15, 1984
1. Golden Terror defeated Tio the Samoan
2. Buzz Tyler and Tim Horner defeated Lars Anderson and Bill Francis – Tyler pinned Francis
3. DTB defeated Johnny Tatum COR
4. Ernie Ladd vs Akio Sato ended in a violent DDQ with the Union,Rufus,Tapu, Tyler and Horner becoming involved.
5. CENTRAL STATES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH – Great Wojo retained by defeating Frankie Lancaster
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Re: NWA Central States 7/11/84 - 7/15/84

Red, I think you posted in the wrong place.

Still, some great stuff. Love the Oates brothers as heels. The Union is getting larger. Let's hop it doesn't get too big. Like the Ladd/Sato dynamic. DTB and Ricky Johnson is interesting. Classic win by Ted Oates in pinning Wojo in the six man. Why the change in name for the Batten brother?
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Re: NWA Central States 7/11/84 - 7/15/84

Johnny, as always thanks for the feedback.
I see that I posted in the wrong place now. With being homeless and my anxiety disorder running out of control I'm lucky to even put it up on the right sight. Still NWAC is a great blessing to me in that it does relieve some stress.
The Union will stay at the size it is now or possibly get smaller. Lars could be on his way out but everyone else will stay.
I had questions about the Ladd/Sato situation but Sato was a big enough name in CSW to stay with Ladd this late in the King's career.
Bart changed his working name to Mark IRL so I figured it would fit here. Brad could be on his way out so I wanted something new to do with Bart.