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Tip #4: Pay all your bills on or before the due date: Payment of your bills has a huge factor on the credit score calculations. This is what establishes your credibility which as you know, is very important in life as well. This also reflects on your personal life. One of the reasons more employers have started looking at credit report before they hire an employee is this, to see how the employee manages things in their life. If a person can manage things in life well, they will be responsible at the job as well.

Tip #5: Have a plan: If you are looking for ways to improve your credit let me share a very effective plan to get started. First if you don't have a credit card, get one. A good number of credit cards to have is 2, in addition to a home mortgage and a car loan. Understand that there two ways to get credit cards if you need one, secured credit and unsecured credit card. Banks will issue you a secured credit because you either do not have a credit history or have bad credit. It is issued based on the amount of the deposit you are willing to secure against the credit card. I personally would only go to banks that will give a credit limit equal to the amount of your deposit.

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