MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty is going to be this week’s hot topic

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MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty is going to be this week’s hot topic

MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty is going to be this week’s hot topic, and gamers got a sneak peek on today’s version during GameStop Monday. In the brief two-minute video a quick synopsis is explained about the upcoming new Diamond Dynasty modes and rewards.

The first addition is a Signature Series, a set of 30 rare and powerful players to be unlocked. Players will need to hunt autographs so they can unlock all-time greats like Willie Mays, Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Curtis Granderson, and Tony Gwynn. There's also a new XP Reward Path so players can earn XP anywhere in the game and use it to unlock rewards wherever they prefer. Finally, the new Team Affinity section introduces team-specific rewards to earn by playing games with players from that team.

The first is the XP Reward Path and it’s pretty straight forward. Simply playing MLB The Show 19 will reward you with XP that you can use to unlock Diamond Dynasty rewards, including players and other special unlockable items. Another new feature is Team Affinity. This rewards you for playing innings with player from your favorite team. Using the Chicago Cubs as an example, if you log innings with Anthony Rizzo, you’ll unlock team-specific rewards. Buy Cheap MLB The Show 19 Stubs from gain a 3% discount by using the code “MMOCSVIP”.

This week Diamond Dynasty is the focus of promotional efforts for MLB The Show 19, and that began with details on the new Moments mode being introduced into Diamond Dynasty. While recreating “moments” from the history of sport is nothing new to the genre, and additionally there are some elements crucial to being immersive that are lacking here, the new objectives should prove to be a value-add for Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 19 lands on PlayStation 4 on March 26 with three separate editions. The standard edition ($60) has different pre-order bonuses depending on whether you get a digital or physical edition. Pre-ordering the physical edition from GameStop  gets you 10 standard cards packs for Diamond Dynasty, one Gold player pack, and a gear up pack including three items for Diamond Dynasty or Road to the Show. Pre-ordering the digital version from the PlayStation Store gets you a flashback version of Bryce Harper from MLB The Show 18, 10 standard packs, 5,000 stubs (in-game currency), and one Gold player pack.

Whether you want to take on the Featured Program or not, you can also earn rewards through the new Team Affinity and XP Reward features. Team Affinity gives you rewards for playing with players of the team you select (March to October is an easy way to rack up those innings), and XP Rewards is simply that: a tiered reward system based on the XP you've earned. In some ways it's a replacement for the Ticket Counter, only more passive. Livingston says every five levels in XP Rewards bestows you even better rewards, and overall the feature bestows 15 Special Edition packs (that lets you pick from a selection of 30 players), 5,000 stubs, gold gear, exclusive gold players, gold live series players, and more.