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Keep Dreaming In Path Of Exile

Anyways, I agree 100% - at the very least a poe currency purchase exchange, which would tamp down on so much of the toxic trade behavior associated with converting currency (inb4 nonsense about Wraeclast being unforgiving and scamming is totally cool). It's kind of sad that I feel lucky when the person I message to swap currency is clearly a bot because that's the only time I get a prompt response and a trade.

Items too, god help you if you need to buy a common unique or something low-valued because who the fuck (and I'm guilty of this myself) wants to waste a map portal for an alch? Hell, sometimes I'm going to ghost you even for a few chaos orbs poe.

A comparison some might not like, but WoW's auction house is super shitty in this day and age compared to other MMOs with more modern systems and it's still leaps and bounds less irritating than trading in PoE, and WoW still even has a healthy trade community outside the auction house.

Still waiting for GGG to implement a big ON/OFF trade (public API) switch for the complete stash under one league.

As it is now, I most definitely won't spend 15-20 minutes turning all of my public stashes to non-public.. no way. I have better things to do in life than to go manually jerk, sort and correct over a dead league stashtabs.

People who think GGG is going to create a one button press unpublic, specialty tabs still end up last in your tab list at start of league since introduced.