If You Wish to Be Protected From Basketball Ankle Injury - Simply Brace It!

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If You Wish to Be Protected From Basketball Ankle Injury - Simply Brace It!

Muscle strains are classified into three grades. Joint Pain Hack Review  A grade one strains involve a minor overstretching of the muscle fibers with less than ten percent of the fibers actually tearing. A grade two strain is a partial tear of the fibers with 10 to 50% of the fibers tearing and often a palpable defect in the muscle belly. These strains are sometimes called non-disruptive muscle strains because they do not disrupt everyday function very much. Unlike devastating grade three tears they are common clinical entities.

Non-disruptive muscle strains have a way of tricking us into injuring ourselves worse. Many strength trainers believe that the immediate adaptation after these injuries is similar to the adaptation that occurs from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after normal but novel training. These positive training adaptations are protective and make the tissue stronger. The muscles become less sore over time and are able to withstand more work.

The immediate adaptations after a muscle strain are more like throwing a tarp over a leaky roof. The hole is still there we have just covered it up temporarily. After a non-disruptive muscle strain there is an inflammatory response and in about the first seven days fibrous scar tissue begins to be laid down around the injury site.