I Played Path Of Exile And Started Late After Dying

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I Played Path Of Exile And Started Late After Dying

Are you just referring to "attack" builds in general with their dependency on weapon upgrades? Because this actually isn't that difficult when you know your vendor recipes (such as rustic sash + whetstone + weapon to get %inc phys damage mods). Add to that bestiary and essence league mods being available and weapon upgrades will fly at you faster than you can handle.

Bow users also have the most amazing leveling skills. Shrapnel shot from level 1 - an amazing single target killer, and LA from level 9 as one of the best aoe skills even to end game. Combined with low mana costs, great early game supports, and low gear requirements due to ranged nature and getting a quiver on 2h damage weapons makes bow users poe orbs cheap levelers.

Phantasm on Kill Necromancer, using Zombies, Spectres, Skeletons and SRS to actually get the Phantasms. Experimented with the skills in Bestiary and had a lot of fun, so now doing a full playthrough on HC with a tankier version.

Alleopathy gloves to help with single target. Run a spell totem wither to help it out as well. I don't even bother linking my blight it's already fairly strong and the slow is amazing for breaches and dangerous situations. It's easily workable on a 5 link until you can get a leveled empower. If you get a 6 link pierce is nice for QOL but not a necessity.

The on kill regen is an amazing layer of defence regardless of if you go mom or hybrid variant. It can be handy to have poe currency buy once you get breach beyond combos.

Last mayhem I got a demi using tri curse hybrid Ed trickster and it was insanely tanky. I played it on hc and started late after dying.

You can still clear pretty fast on this due to shield charge and brightbeak. For races I usually take both big aoe nodes so the contagion is huge and clears multiple screens.