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Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Industry Characteristics and Trends

The food industry, especially fast-food or Quick Service Restaurants, is thriving. The food industry is largely controlled by Quick Service Restaurants, which are responsible for 72.8 percent of the whole industry revenues. McDonald's is the industry leader, with revenues that is more than double the next on the list. These restaurants have concentrated on low prices and quick service to get customers in the door. Also, they market heavily towards children and families as a fun,safe place to eat.

The fast food industry has common trends among the big players: toys for kids, playgrounds, low prices or value menu. More recently restaurants have begun to offer healthier choices on the menus. Entering the 'health food' markets was risky but has been paying off for these restaurants. Another trend among the industry leaders is consistency of the products that you buy. Every location of that restaurant will have the same core menus, which can become monotonous.

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