Closer look to GeForce GTX Titan X

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Closer look to GeForce GTX Titan X

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang visited at the Epic show Unreal Engine in the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, United States, Wednesday (4/3/2015). He wants to show the latest VGA Nvidia: GeForce GTX Titan X.

To attract the attention of the audience and at the same time, do not divulge too much information about Titan X, Nvidia only shows some images from Titan X and a little information about this VGA.

GTX Titan X is expected to have 8 billion transistors which means Titan X has a Maxwell GPU architecture. Titan X will have a VRAM of 12GB, which means it has a 384-bit memory bus. It will also be equipped with metal casing and metal cooling from Nvidia with proven performance.

Currently, there is still no further information on Titan X. Apparently, Nvidia will wait until Nvidia GPU Techlogy Conference to explain more about this latest VGA them. GTC itself will be held on 17 - 20 March. Meanwhile, Tim Sweeney, programmer of Epic, was the first to get the GTX Titan X. This is proof of Nvidia's appreciation of the relationship between Nvidia and Epic.

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