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Best Wrestling Promos, Day 1

Because I'm a nerd, I'm trying to compile the best wrestling promos (or pre-match videos) known to man.  Some of them tell a magnificent story while others just get you pumped for the match.  Feel free to contribute to this list as I want it to be as thorough as possible...

"Do I have everybody's attention now?"
The awesome MitB video.  It picks up on the drama and humor when Punk tells Vince to apologize around 1:40 into it.  

"Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon"
Civil Twilight's music sounded so good here, they used more of their music for one of their Rock-Cena promos earlier this year, I believe.  Another great video.  Classic Vince moment at 2:10 as you see his evil reflection on Bret Hart's sunglasses.

"Running Up That Hill"
A great and dramatic summary of Shawn Michaels' last feud against Undertaker at WM 26.  It's such a well-crafted story and this video matches it.

"Steve Austin Survivor Series 1996"
There were probably about 4 or 5 of these leading up to Survivor Series and it was essentially Stone Cold finding his voice.  He had been developing his character throughout the summer and fall, but these promos were a stroke of genius.  Why doesn't WWE do anything like this anymore?

"Flair vs HBK - 2003"
Just a nice and forgotten mix of their mini-feud in 2003.  It takes a cool and dramatic turn around 1:30 in.

"Flair vs HBK - 2008
Old Yeller.  If you don't feel like listening to the Leave the Memories Alone part, skip to about 2:20.  

"The Rock, Pre-Rock Bottom 1998"
Lost and forgotten, this is just a smooth telling of the Rock's transition into heeldom after teasing a big time face turn in late 1998.  1:15, things get interesting and you get a pretty badass beat.  The Rock's a millionaire; he's the WWF champ.

"Stone Cold-Rock: My Way"
Not forgotten at all--the one everyone remembers. WM17 pre-match promo.

"HHH-HBK: Fight"
Summerslam 2002.  So many good memories.  Already excited about HBK's comeback, this just made ya crazy with anticipation before the match.  Includes the "Fight" song that was on the Anthology CD around 2:50.

"I'm damn sick and tired"
I believe this is before Fully Loaded 1998.  It's a nice mix of where the Austin-McMahon feud and title picture at the time.

"Survivor Series 1997 - Hitman vs HBK"
A little chaotic but symbolic of their feud.

"2000 PPV intro compilation"
Okay, this is kind of cheating, but look at how cool WWE was in 2000.  20 minutes of pre-event promo packages.