9 Ways to Get to the Top and Be Successful!

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9 Ways to Get to the Top and Be Successful!

Your mentors should not have to sell you on  Subliminal Guru Review their ideas and suggestions. If you argue with their ideas, express your concern or doubt as a question, such as, "I must not be getting something. Why do you think that would work in my situation?" Provide your mentors with positive feedback.  Let mentors know when ideas they proposed work, and how well, and when possible, quantify your result. "As a result of your suggestion, I sold ten more new cars last month, and now I am the top salesperson." Don't report on a mentor's ideas that didn't work out so well, unless you are specifically asked to do so.

Provide your mentors with all the truthful information they need to make wise suggestions.  You must level with mentors, because they can't help you if you are holding back information or only share half- truths with them. Ask mentors to tell you what they think you need to change or improve-even if it might hurt your feelings. Be specific when you would prefer the information you're providing to remain confidential.

Use your mentors wisely and sparingly.  Don't ask your mentors to solve all your problems. Instead focus only on those within their area of expertise. Don't abuse a mentor's time or goodwill-the more successful a mentor, the more valuable is his or her time, so use it wisely. For instance, write down key questions you'd like to have answered before calling your mentor, and don't just pass the time of day unless your mentor signals he or she wants to do so.